Houston, TX USA
The Rise of International Mediation: the Singapore Convention

This two-day interactive Institute features opportunities to learn from some of the leading mediators and advocates in North America by bringing you “into the room” via video. Advocates and mediators alike shouldn’t miss this opportunity to learn what their constituents find works well, and not so well, in direct negotiations and mediated settlement discussions!




Mastering Your Skills: Mediation Do’s and Don’ts…as Viewed Through the Lenses of Parties, Advocates, and Mediators

This year’s Institute will provide an overview of seminal findings and take-aways from key research studies in the field including by the ABA, AAA and others. The program will encompass a discussion of seven specific mediator techniques that parties and advocates find both appealing and unappealing, effective and less effective, as identified and informed by these cuttingedge studies.

Through unique videos created by Suffolk University Law Professor Dwight Golann, you’ll see a diverse group of seasoned neutrals and advocates demonstrate techniques for breaking impasse and facilitating agreement. You’ll observe the neutrals confront common issues, sometimes using controversial techniques; we’ll then ask you to discuss how one might respond, and invite you to critique what they did.

Plenary sessions will be followed by small group discussions led by experts in the field. These discussions provide an opportunity for mediators and advocates to interact in small facilitated groups and create a unique environment to enhance your skill, knowledge and understanding of direct negotiation and third-party mediation processes.



November 15-16, 2019

South Texas College of Law Houston
303 San Jacinto St
Houston, TX 77002

The Rise of International Mediation: the Singapore Convention

Saturday, November 16, 2019
11:05am – 12:05pm

Ana Sambold, Sambold Law & ADR Services

Gary Birnberg, JAMS
M. Imad Khan, Hogan Lovells
M. Salman Ravala, Criscione Ravala, LLP
Dr. Johannes P. Willheim, Jones Day

Why has mediation been the lagging sidekick to arbitration in the world of international conflict resolution? We all know the myriad advantages that mediation has over arbitration; why is mediation not being embraced as enthusiastically as arbitration?

This session will address this question through the lens of a potentially paradigm shifting event: the August 7th signing of UNCITRAL’s “The Singapore Mediation Convention”, on the Enforcement of International Settlement Agreements. This agreement provides an enforcement mechanism for mediated settlements similar to that promulgated in 1958 for arbitration awards. The arbitration agreement, known as the “New York Convention”, shook the world, and put arbitration on the map, for having married the impartial dispute resolution methodology of arbitration (in distinction to litigation held in potentially biased local courts) with transnational enforcement mechanism.

Will the Singapore convention put some extra vitamins in Robin’s Wheaties, bringing him out of Batman’s shadow to perhaps create a new co-equal or even superior superhero? Our panel will discuss the mechanics and potential impact of the Singapore Convention, just a short few months after its initial signing.



Please visit the American Bar Association event site http://ambar.org/med2019 for more information.